The next chapter: Here comes free coffee!

Yipee! Yes. Three weeks later, my previous post, Oh, it’s Tuesday. And yes, just another Tuesday, seemed…null and avoid. I was at the height of emptiness then. I thought I couldn’t move forward anymore. I thought that  that was the defining moment when I finally could say that <sob> I made a wrong decision of coming here.

But then, tadah! Just a week after I posted it, it was another Tuesday, I was hired. I WAS HIRED. Spell happiness. I couldn’t contain these paradoxical series of happenings. One Tuesday, I was so depressed. Then so delighted the next.

I have my own cubicle. I get to have my own company phone and laptop. I have regular schedule. There’s no work attire. I get to meet and interview company giants. I go to places I’ve never been into. I write. And I write with by-line. I have good pay. There’s internet access. And amazingly, there’s free coffee! Ahhh. Imagine how happy I am.

And three weeks later, I get to hold my first ever accomplishment with my new company. And guess what, it’s a book! It’s a freakin’ book! Nyahaha. Yesterday was the book launching at Mercato Centrale, Bonifacio Global City. I was just so happy I didn’t even notice I was already right in front of the project editor, Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet, having my own copy signed.

After the program proper, I get to buy my now favourite dark beer cheesecake courtesy of Food Lab Inc. I had the chance to have a short tete-a-tete with the chef and his partner and get to know about their budding business.

With Chef Kevin of Food Lab Inc.

Three weeks of OTs, three weeks of exhausting nights, three weeks of adjustment. It seemed all worth it. Now I’m geared for the next book, since we’re actually doing two. Yihah!

With Project Coordinator Kriselle Villanueva (middle) and Graphic Artist Angel Ogena (right)

I know. I know. Just bear with my spontaneous shout outs. I am aware though that as time will pass, I wouldn’t be this joyful and enthusiastic anymore. The next ones will become just-anothers. Maybe that is the beauty of first-times. It must be treasured. It must be embraced will all consciousness. It must be acknowledged and appreciated accordingly.

My name on the book’s staff box! Awesome!

I feel so pleased seeing my name as part of the staff box and even as part of the photo acknowledgment. Weeeeee. It’s actually a big manifestation for me. I do know what I want. I do know what makes me happy. And now that I got the position I’ve always wanted, now that I am an Editorial Assistant, and now that I’m part of the print industry, I’m part of a publishing company, the past three months of wariness seemed just like a bittersweet memory to me. And I’m actually thankful that those three bum months was given to me. Because of it, I have learned to appreciate where I am now. I know I have a long way to go, and it feels so damn good to know that I am on my way.

Please do grab a copy at the nearest bookstore near you! Photo courtesy of Hinge Inquirer Publications


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