Rubik’s Cube with Round Edges

I am currently addicted to Sam Tsui’s version of Lil Wayne’s “How to love”. It has been stuck with me ever since I first heard it on one of the playlists in I never had luck, I couldn’t really figure out how to love. How to love, yes.  I know I had a lot of moments that didn’t last forever. Now I’m in a corner trying to put it together, how to love. How to love, yes.

And then, I have this desk calendar which some kind of unique. It doesn’t have years or dates and even boxes, with rows and rows and columns of numbers. My desk calendar only has days, numbers, and a slate of smileys. And the thing is, I should be the one to update it every day. Turning the numbers and days according to what my memory dictates. Turning the weather icons and smileys according to what my mood declares.

Milkshakes and cookies

But what I really want to say is that it has been a long time since I faced my netbook, opening word doc, and actually writing for My Buko Salad Dreams. It has been a while since I dreamt about milkshakes and salads and everything in between. I missed it. Now that I have the time and inspiration to write a full story for my beloved blog, it felt…refreshing. It seems like I’m experiencing a rebirth. I am reborn.

Forgot to remember

When I was about to write the next big thing, it suddenly disappeared. Like a bubble. Like a prey. Like diamonds in the sky. And then I remembered, Rihanna. I am 23 for 16 days already. And I have never felt like this before, me being in my twenties. They say your twenties is the climax of your adolescence. It really is.

For the past days, I have gone through a series a rise and falls, an emotional roller coaster. I have been extremely sad. I have been extremely happy. Spell bipolar? Nope. I’m no anywhere near that. Hopefully, I’m not. Laughs. But you see, this blog post is even a clear manifestation that I have been a living domino lately. Or a Rubik’s cube. With round edges. Yes.


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