The Ideal TGIF

I came to work way too early today. Was able to catch The Sixth Sense at Star Movies channel. The last scene was a tearjerker. You know those times when all the while you think that our loved ones wanted to ostracize us but in reality, they just don’t know how to spell out their feelings? And just when you thought it’s already too late, they send us messages through unexpected ways. Spell thoughtful.

And speaking of thoughtful, can’t help but feel touched by my crazzzzzy officemates. It’s High Fashion Friday for us and here I am, in full get-up. With matching black dress, black boots, light make-up, and hairstyle. One of the times I wish I had a date tonight. It’s a freakin’ Friday after all.

And speaking of date, they’re trying to hook me up with this, uhm, guy in another department. Spell supportive friends. Indeed, very supportive of my love life expedition.

And speaking of life, this is one of the most relaxing Fridays I’ve ever had. It’s my dream Friday. My ideal TGIF. Chillax breakfast, make-over galore, and jamming session with oh-so-cool people—this is freakin’ awesome. Wish have a lot of Fridays like this in the future.

Black dress paired with casual black boots.

Black dress paired with casual black boots.


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