Lost in translation

It’s an office hour. A time dedicated for making my way through my work, addressing each and every writing assignment I am supposed to complete within the day. Yet, here I am caught up with my playlist, having a hard time immortalizing the words i needed for our magazine. Instead, i am lost in translation. Astronomic melodies kept on looping inside my head.

Yesterday once more. Underlines The Carpenters. Yesterday, I just got regularized. Officially. For my dream job, as someone who wanted to begin in the publishing industry. Editorial Assistant. Yes. I am editorial assistant. I am now taking the road towards my childhood fantasies. To see a by-line with my name on it. To see it printed in a publication. To see that I’m part of the staff box. Of a magazine’s staff box.

F&B World Magazine Staff Box

Don’t speak. Commands No Doubt. I sing the song that first comes into mind. Don’t speak. I know just what you’re saying. So please stop explaining. Don’t tell me ‘cause it hurts. I am about to change my address. New room. New place to stay. But more than the change in scenery, it felt like entering the next chapter of my life. The first time I came here in the big city, I was comforted by the fact that I am embarking this uncertain future with people who has been with me during one of the most important part of my life—my high school friends. I spent three months with nothing but my laptop and bed and the notion that somehow, the people I’m living with believes in me, believes that I would be able to make it through—genuinely or not. Now, in a few days, I will be moving in with my officemate and my newly found friend—someone who is now a part of my “new world”. New people. New environment. And hopefully, new me.

No woman, no cry. Everything is gonna be alright, sings Bob Marley. Made my mom happy once again. Doing fine with my job. Doing fine with friends. Though still going through thick and thins with money matters, somehow, I truly believe I would be able to survive it. Just one crucial thing to address—my love life.

And as I sing the songs I sing, I prep myself up for my brighter than the sun moment. Embracing change at its finest. Embracing a fresh beginning. Embracing the notion that I am about to leave the wasted and broken me. Cheers to the one who got away!


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