To the one who killed my friend

We demand justice for Justine's death!

We demand justice for Justine’s death!

How does it feel? Just curious. Does it feel good? Feel…right? Your bullet hitting the bull’s eye satisfying your craving for blood? Or did you mean to shoot the head? Instead, it hits his cheeks, his chest. That’s sad. But don’t worry, you killed him still.

So, did you pass the last challenge? Are you now an official member of a killers association of our city? Did you make your father proud? Can you now make your younger siblings look up to you? How about your mother? How did she congratulate you in achieving your masterpiece, killing my precious friend? Can you now feel her love and affection more that you’ve done this?

Did your team give you the Best Shot Award for instantly killing your first target? Oh, the whole city must be really proud of you, having a citizen like you. We’re not just Asia’s Latin City anymore. We are Asia’s Killer City, housing so many heartless people like you.

So, how are you? Are you happy? What? No? Really, you aren’t? Well. Let me tell you this. You can be forgiven, you know. There are two ways. First, surrender yourself to the police. Oh, what? Ah, yeah. You might be a policeman too, right? So, how about going to the city mayor? She’s newly elected, I believe she would be able to do something about this. If it won’t work still, I advise you to go to my school where my friend, who you killed, and I used to go. Tell the guards you’re the one who killed Justine Raphael Wee. They will know where to bring you.

But if you desire to kill some more and these options do not appeal to you, then go ahead, LIVE ON. The day will come when you also die. When that day comes, God bless your soul. Because if I were god, I will let you rot in hell.







To all those who are reading this, I plead for your support for our cause in putting an end to the senseless killings in my city, Zamboanga, and restore peace and order we all deserve. Sign the petition: Restore Peace and Order in Zamboanga City.


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