Every waking moment

This post in Though Catalog tells me that there are seven things the hard times teach you.

Photo courtesy of The Purple Bliss

What really matters. People care. People will be concerned. It’s their business. They mind. Because they care about you. So, don’t push them away. Hang on to the notion that there are people who care for you, who loves you and loves you without any discrepancy. Trust them. It’s about giving value to these people, giving value to yourself, giving value to your life.

Who you really are. It takes good enough strength to say you’re also weak. It’s time to take a break. You’ve been too good, too nice  far too long. Respect the fact that you’re human too—you have feelings, emotions. You’re not some android lethally made to be good and please everyone. You’re a strong person and you are going to make your dreams come true.

You can seek help. Because, little do you know that there are people who are more than willing to help. You just won’t let them. You continue to push them away. But don’t. They’re not there to mock you or laugh at your moment’s fragility. Yes, you can be vulnerable in some wicked way and yes, you can ask for help. You don’t even have to feel like you owe them. Because real care and love require nothing in return.

Love yourself. And love yourself dearly. Accept that you can break down and that you can fail and commit mistakes. Accept that you can rise again and that you can succeed and hit the jackpot from time to time. Love yourself and believe you deserve to be weak sometimes and let go. Love yourself and everything else will follow.

Who really loves you. And I believe I have said enough about this, you know.

What comes after. Because after the rain, there will always be a rainbow. Shining gloriously in all its magnificent colors. In vibrant hues. Reflecting the fact that the rain, this storm too, shall pass. And you willl have another wonderful day to live. So, wake up and be awesome.

HOPE. On a random taxi ride home, the driver told me this: “Ang buhay, hindi tungkol sa paano ka mabubuhay nang matagal. Ang buhay ay tungkol sa kung papaano ka mabubuhay nang masaya.” (Life is not about how to live it longer. Life is about how you can live it happily.) So choose to be happy. Because there’s this Holy Spirit’s gift called hope.


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