Beautiful tragic love affair

Cappuccino, Cibo - Glorietta 4

Cappuccino, Cibo – Glorietta 4

Yours is the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen. Though I’m not sure if they’re black. Or brown. Or a little bit of both. All I know is they shine like happy stars on a summer night sky every time I look at them. Yours is the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen. It comes with a rhythmic laughter or even with a hint of glimmer. I don’t know the reason behind it. But whatever it is, I hope it stays there. Yours is the most genuine hello I’ve ever heard. It sounds comfortable, like you’re always at home. I do wish you’ll say it for me one day. I hope you don’t mind if I put them in words. And if I can’t help it. And if I wanted to have a beautiful tragic love affair with you.


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