When falling feels like flying


“The universe has the best understanding of what’s meant for us—especially when we don’t.”

It’s nice to know. That you could meet someone. Someone who will take you to the mountains, to the sky, anywhere you can fly. He will let you scream at the top of your lungs. Once you get up there, oh so high. He will allow you to witness the magnificent view, the wondrous creation, the glorious nature. He will let you feel like you’re on top of the world. He will push you to the limits. Or rather, he will bring out the best in you. He will let you discover what you’re capable of doing, and you’ll see, the list will be endless. Then, that’s the time you will notice. He is there. To guide you. To wait for you. To assure you, you’re never alone. He will shout your name. You can hear his voice, hear his support. And you will believe the fact. The fact that he believes in you. And you will end up, believing in your self too. He will hold your hand whenever you hesitate. And you will feel his strength, his ardour. And you will end up trusting him and your self too. He exists. Somewhere. Up there. And it’s nice to know. That you could meet that kind of someone, once in your life. Or maybe, who knows, even more. More than once.


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