Letting Go


We all have our own set of fears, our own set of pains, our own set of frustrations, our own set of shortcomings. We come to a point when we ask, what should I do now? Then we realize, the answer is simple: just let it go. I put down my cup of coffee and stare at the people outside my window. They’ve been busy. I wonder what they’re up to. I don’t see them smile, not even hear a single hello. The door opens. I see him come in. Sat beside me and drank my coffee. I missed how he used to make me laugh and complete my day. But now I know better, he’s only here, passing me by. He stood up. I tried to stop him but thought otherwise. Because maybe, the best thing to do is indeed, to just let it go, to just let him go. Now that I know, there’s nothing to hold on to anymore. So I, too, stood up, made my way outside, ready to join the crowd. Looking out for the next one to arrive.


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