2013 Highlights

Every new beginning is always and always some other beginning’s end. No matter how much I wanted 2013 to end, I can’t help but give thanks to the year that has been. At the least, the odds weren’t in my favor this year. But as I take a glimpse outside my dorm’s window, all I see in my mind’s view is a year that has given me a book full of colors, vibrant, bittersweet hues.

I kissed a stranger. I danced my heart away. A dear friend of mine passed away. Someone made me sad. My hometown was devastated. My family was at risk. I questioned my job. I questioned my happiness. I gained new friends. Got to know some of my worst. I climbed a mountain. I’ve seen my evil version. But not really. I nearly broke my heart. I lost my story. Accomplished some major projects. Met some big people. And yes, I am thankful.

To 2013: you made me cry, you made me hate myself, you made me worry, you made me seek peace in the dark, you made me angry, and yet, you light up my life. I know 2014 will bring me greater challenges. But with all the things I’ve been through this year, I know, yes I know, I’ll only get better, happier. So once again, thank you 2013. Here I come, 2014, I’m going to rock you!


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