What dreams are made of

What is your dream?

To fly free, to drink coffee while atop a mountain, to finally meet the one. Some dream for a better and a more peaceful place to live, some wanted to change the world, while there are others who would simply like to dedicate their Sunday mornings, cuddled beside their special someone. And me? I am yet to discover.

One odd afternoon, I found myself wondering what my dream could be. I love daydreaming. So I say there may be a lot, while there could be few, or at the least, none. But I thought, maybe if I get to have the chance to know the dreams of other people, maybe I would be able to amplify my own. And so there goes my 2014 mission: #365dreams. I hope to be able to gather dreams of 365 people coming from 365 different places all over the world. I can’t tell if I can make it. All I can say is I know it’s possible. Wink;)


2 thoughts on “What dreams are made of

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