The Dreamer

(조 안, my name in hangul:)

I love everything in brown and oranges; manga’s and anime’s; Korean dramas and Asian movies… everything that will allow me to escape, have fun, and break free.

I am a movie buff. It has become a habit, a lifestyle. Maybe, just maybe, I would want to direct or produce my own movie someday, and people around the world will cry about its plot, will laugh together with him, feel her pain, experience 100% suspension of disbelief. They will fall in love with the story and would want more like it.

I love Anime. The manga sketches, the series, everything in between. They take me to a whole new world only I would know. Only I can feel. Only I can fly, and dream, and love.

I am someone who has music as her partner, her live-in partner. Just because of the fact that I can’t sleep at night without my playlist on. Oh what to do without my beloved music player?

I am someone who would love to indulge half of her life into the world of plots and stories, into the mystical realm of books. They say books can bring us to many different places and be who we want to be and be still on our sweet couch, drinking hot coffee under the pouring afternoon rain.

I am a traveler (or will be one someday). I will go to places and have a life. I will drink soju and dance my night away. I will climb mountains and swim with the fishes. I will travel by train, by land, by air,or even by foot. And of course, I will go to London.

I am someone whose life is run by a one-sentenced cliché: “A cozy, quiet spot, a fresh cup of coffee, and a good book… These are some of the best things in life.” By A Random Bookmark.

I am Joan Mae Amora- Barredo.


5 thoughts on “The Dreamer

  1. hello. 😀 i was going through random blogs here on wordpress and i came across yours. 🙂

    i also love kdramas, jdoramas, taiwanese dramas, mangas/animes and the like! 🙂 i love watching them and/or reading them. your blog is cuuute! 🙂

    hmm. btw, filipino ka po ba? 😀

    anyway, have a good day! 🙂

  2. jobi, i’ve noticed that you’ve been blogging for a while now! it’s funny that i didn’t know about this blog sooner! hahaha i’ll add you to my subscriptions list. haha subscribe to me too! see you around!

    • hey gi! yaaaa. I’ve been for a while now… and since day 1 i have been your fan! haha…. ginugutom ako lagi pag nagbabasa ako ng blog mo…haha… Cheers!:D

  3. Wow! All I can say is, WOW. Reading this page was like reading about my interests as well! I love watching Anime, movies, and TV series. I’m also into books! I’m looking forward to reading more of your entries. 🙂

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